National Student Advertising Competition

ADvent10n is a celebration of District 10 (hence the “10” in the conference name) within the American Advertising Federation (AAF). The Tenth District includes Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. One of the many ways we shine is by hosting the most competitive National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC).

We know, We know . . . WAY too many acronyms going on here. But bear with us.

With nearly 20 teams participating each year, the Tenth District is among the largest regional competitions in the U.S. The competition is fierce. In fact, winning teams from the Tenth District have gone on to earn nine national championship titles—more than any other AAF district in the country.

Beyond the accolades, NSAC is truly a unique experience that gives students hands-on experience in market research, conceptualization, design, execution, and pitching to clients. This real-life experience with a real like client – ADOBE – offers participants a greater understanding of the challenges and tasks ahead of them as they transition from college students to young professionals in our industry.

Each year we hear stories about companies enthusiastically hiring NSAC grads. These stories are rooted in the fact that NSAC students understand the industry better and require less time to train. These employees contribute to the success of the company from their first day.

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